Surftronics Insect Repeller

Surftronics Insect Repeller


Frequently asked questions

What insects does this device repels?

  • mosquitoes, cockroaches, houseflies, ants and other insects

Does it kill insects?

  • It repels the insects but obviously if there is no escape route (i.e. enclosed environment), the insect ultimately dies after a while due to the effect the ultrasonic waves have on its nervous system. It is a humane and safe way to remove insects from desired areas effectively and efficiently

What size is the average room that the pest repeller should be used?

  • It is recommended to use one device per room. Additional devices will be required in larger areas

Is it safe to be used around medical devices?

  • People with pacemakers or who use electronic devices that can be affected by ultrasonic waves should consult their physician before using this product.

What areas of the house should be avoided?

  • Avoid placing pest repeller behind curtains, furniture or other larger items in your home

How long does it take to repel insect?

  • Although you may see results in a few days, we recommend giving the pest repeller 2-3 weeks for best product results. Typical results may vary depending on amount of pest, type of pests and size of room

How do I know unit is working?

  • The blue indicator light on the front of the unit will glow to let you know that the repeller is working

What voltage or output power does it work on?

  • The insect repeller has an Input Voltage: AC 90~250V, 50-60Hz and Output Power :3-5W


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